MUSIC: Failure

To be so near, so close but yet so far…
We defeated the guardian at the end of the trials.
The task complete, the portcullis had been opened.
Lets go rescue delphina and elian of winter haven.
Maldrick must be with them
too, the heroes all figured.
No time to waste, lets move, their hearts filled with vigor.
Our friends possibly waiting beyond this hall and three doors.
With haste, and caution, we proceeded to see what was in store.

We were right, Maldrick, and our two friends, thank God they’re
still alive.
He was in the midst of a dark ritual, and will use them to sacrifice.
He was not alone, he was well protected by his minions.
They out numbered us, but could not deter our hearts emotions.

We moved forth with the rescue, our friends in plain sight.
Knowing this is it. We must do this or die.
At first it was working, or at least that’s how it seemed.
The tides turned against us however, as if a bad dream.

What did we know, it seemed like it was right, and we could not be wronged.
It happened so fast, our powers wore thin, then isak went down.
I helped him back up, but he went down a second time.
Then Garrick soon followed, leaving
me and Kane next in line.

Out numbered by our foes, and our powers depleted, there was no escape.
We were surrounded, but more importantly, the two from winter haven’s fate.
There would be no diplomacy here. Not with them.
And Delphina and Eilian’s lives are dependent,
On our success, nothing less. Lord, I did my best.

This is it oh lord, Kane and
myself had not much left.
I have but one regret, our failure to save the man and the elf.
I tried to make it to them as my final action,
as a symbol to show them they were never forgotten.

Then it happend, a blow I would never recover.
before all went black, before I was about to go under.
I felt ur presence my lord, giving reassurance and comfort.
As I lay on the ground, my eyes dimming quick, one final

I’m sorry maiden Delphina and good man “hub?var=eilian”>Eilian, we failed u.
We were bested on the day we needed our best.

Author: Jonas