Part II: Revelations

It’s a few moments later when Legion rises slowly to his feet. Morpheus reaches out to help him, but the mage pushes his hands away roughly. “Don’t be a fool, you can barely walk,” the shadar-kai says as he reaches out to help Legion again. Again, his companion pulls away.

“We don’t need your help.” Legion hisses, his voice venomous.

Morpheus takes several deep breaths to calm himself. Inside his emotions spiral in turmoil, but his training as a monk takes over, and he’s able to maintain calm. For several minutes, he watches Legion test his legs and move about the glade. The mage checks the ground, then the sky again, then the ground.

“How long were we unconscious for?” Legion asks.

“Weeks.” Morpheus replies after a long sigh, “I lost count. I started to think you were lost to us.”

“Oh, how sad that must have been for you,” smirks Legion, as he continues to examine their surroundings.

“Do not mock me.” Morpheus spits, his voice dangerous. The two remain in silence for several long minutes, before the monk attempts to engage Legion again.

“How can you not know where we are? You brought us here!”

“It’s not that simple,” the mage replies, but adds no further information. Morpheus sighs again, when it becomes apparent that Legion will volunteer no more information. The shadar-kai begins his own investigation, if only to distract him from the anger he feels.

“There is no summoning circle here…” Legion mumbles out loud.

“What does that mean?” Morpheus asks. His own investigations had already uncovered a trail leading out of the grove.

“We can’t go back.” Legion says.

“Well,” Morpheus says half-heartedly, “We can. Surely, it will just take much longer to travel back to Baldur’s Gate.”

“No,” Legion says, his head shaking, “There is no Baldur’s Gate, here. This isn’t Faerûn. This isn’t even Toril.” Morpheus, unwilling to admit he doesn’t understand, just stares at Legion. When the mage finally realizes that the monk has no idea of the impact of his statement, he speaks again.

“This is another world.”

Author: Neil