Return to Blazebane

  • The heroes decide to regroup back on Almorian border at the fortress of Blazebane – a nexus for the heroes
  • Upon arriving in the “protected from scrying” teleportation room, they begin to discuss what to do next.
  • J’afrock goes outside to tell a very surprised guard (J’afrock is one of those banished by King Archbold) to inform their longtime friend Tanamier (and lord of the keep) they request his counsel.
  • However, not moments after leaving the protection of the scry-proof room, a red-haired figure, dressed all in red and smoking a foul-smelling pipe wanders into the hall and threatens the heroes!
  • He introduces himself Sulphacititzeous, the dragon they have stolen from, and unless they return what is his in 24 hours, he’ll kill them all.
  • Without giving them a chance to respond or even inquire what ‘treasure’ he was referring to, the polymorphed dragon leaves, threatening innocents on his way out.
Author: Eric