Secrets the Dead Keep

  • Kane‘s gaze is lost to the pool; you notice as Garrick eyes the next door. Part of you feels for your friend’s plight, and the other part is curious… what would happen…?
  • The heroes continue their search of the catacombs, and in the next room, they encounter a flaming skull, animated corpses and swarms of beetles
  • battered & bloody, the heroes whittle down the undead forces, barely struggling through it
  • The heroes return the now skull now devoid of its evil magic back into the sarcophogus, but Garrick has an idea of blessing it with divine magic
  • Returning to check on Sir Oakley, the heroes persuade him to bless the sarcophogus, and doing so bathes the followers of Bahamut in a divine light.
  • Turning now to the walls of the burial chamber, the heroes are regailed with stories of triumph and tragedy that the Abbey has served as stronghold during important times of history.
  • After a long rest, the heroes return to the crypts to explore further the corruption that has poisoned it.
  • To their surprise, the evil spirits surrounding Havarr have returned, and immediately battle is joined once again.
  • The spirits flee, and the heroes check the secret room to find 3 fallen knights, and a horrifying mural of bahumut depicted as a draco-lich
  • Odus uses the “Speak with Dead” ritual and asks, “What happened in this room.”. The spirit answers “We were beseiged by forces unleashed by foolish knights of this fortress. We sought refuge in this room but went mad in teh presence of the undead god. The other two killed each other. I was locked in here. I spat at the decaying god, but after I had feasted on my friends I starved to death.” Odus notices that the spirit has a forked tongue.
  • Kane steps back towards the door to ensure it doesn’t close in on the heroes and they suffer a similiar fate.
  • Odus asks his final question, “Tell us of the 3 topaz”. The spirit responds, “I stole them, they were to be my reward once we left this place. But the idiot knights played with an artifact beyond their understanding, so I never got to spend what I worked so hard for. Know this, you will die in this place!” and it disappears.
Author: Turnerbuds