The First Diary Entry

Dear Friend,

So much has happened, and it’s just been a few hours!

I have an hour, so I’ll try to summarize as much as I can, ok?

First things first: The temple of Chauntea. That was the scariest thing I’ve been through, no question, including my time on the streets after the orphanage burnt down.

There was so much chaos, so much noise! I kinda felt claustrophobic…Zane tried to get people to listen, but it was impossible, even for him. That priest, Falconmoon, did nothing, nothing! Why was he even there!? Cultists and kobolds breaking down the door and he’s standing around with his eyes closed!

Zane found an opening at the back, but when Kindra tried to open it, it was blazing hot! They were trying to smoke us out! I knew the fire wouldn’t hurt me that much, but all those villagers…

(I know this is gonna sound awful, but…it was hard to see all those parents, obviously caring about their kids…I know it’s stupid to think of that during a time like this, but…it still kinda sucks.)

Anyway, we get the door open, and there are kobolds waiting for us! And THEN, the front door breaks open! Zane tried to get the people to run outside, but they were so scared it took them forever. I went out with Zane and Kindra (p.s. I really like her! 😀 ) and we fought the little buggers…

I don’t know what’s going on with me, but…it’s something. My ‘push-blast’ (note: gotta come up with a better name for it! Ideas?) was more powerful. Like, a LOT more powerful…

…I think I like it. Emoji

Anyways, we kill all them (don’t feel bad at all!) and then make it back inside to help out Thorogrim and Severin with the cult in there.

They had dragons! Well, little dragons…I think they called them ‘drakes’, but still! Friend…they were trying to eat the villagers!! The little vicious bastards…and these human guys, cutting down children with their swords! It was so foul, so brutal…I don’t remember a lot of what happened next; I blasted a lot of them, saw the dwarf go down (he’s so tough; it was kinda scary to see him get knocked out!), but by the time the shooting and yelling was done, we were ok.

Lots of innocent people paid the price, though…it was so sad. I’ve really never seen anything like it. I kept it together until we got them through the secret tunnel to the keep, but once there, I lost it. I’m not proud, Friend, but I saw people hailing that priest like he did something, and I just couldn’t stop myself. Maybe I can apologize after…maybe Zane can help me with the words…

Zane! Gods, I’m so embarrassed! Wait, let me set the scene: I’ve just finished yelling at the priest when I realize what I must look like and so take off before I make a bigger ass of myself (no one looks at him, then me, and takes MY side…this I’ve learned. The hard way, as I’ve told you before). Zane tries to talk to me, but I’m a mess. SO HE TAKES ME IN HIS ARMS!!! Friend, it was the best! Time stops, I can feel our hearts beating, I’ve completely forgotten about everything else…

AND THEN I OPEN MY MOUTH AND RUIN IT! You know what I said? “I wish all men were like you!” I actually said that to his face! Can you imagine? I wish I could blame this on a head injury or something, but no, I’m just stupid! Emoji

So, duh, I run for it before I make things worse. I’m gonna have to play it cool for a while, I guess, right?

Gotta run. Mayor Nighthill is calling for us.

I have to say…I feel like…I’m doing something…important, y’know? Does that make sense?

Talk soon!


Author: Eric