The Frozen Cavern, Part 3

It seems the halfling leaf takes longer to take affect in this colder climate. That black ooze looks awful… I wonder if T’emugen can cook troll? I like our comfortable silences. I dont know why but even in deep meditation, my mind wanders off to thoughts of him. His friend Brother Ioann is remarkable; an agent of light as was Thorogrim. Yet much cleaner. It’s quite fascinating watching the light emit from his person. Although they appear to be close friends, i do not think they are like Zane in their gender preferences. The circus man seems very intelligent with his vast vocabulary and expressions. Physically, he reminds me of Thori; squat in stature, and marinating in his bodily fragrances and excretions.

I wonder if Mel misses Serevin and Thori. I wonder if that is why she is angry. I wish i could help her… I miss seeing her real face. She’s beautiful. She seems distant. Its too bad for Mel that Zane is homosexual. He has grown quite handsome since the ice castle. I dont know where this present journey will lead me so i will stay close to Zane. He seems to know what is best for the Crusaders of Greatness.

This tent is so cozzy and warm… I can feel the affects of the halfling leaf more… Is it the leaf, or this teifling sounds enchanted?

Author: Jonas