The Knife

The heroes collect themselves, breathing heavily and checking themselves over for broken shards of glass. For an instant, Isak swore he saw his reflection in the shards of broken glass on the floor, change slightly. Turning quickly back to stare at it, he notices that it IS in fact moving; seeming to inch closer to the other shards.

“Look!” Isak called out, pointing to the floor. The heroes stared down in disbelief as they too saw the mirrors slowly inching together again. Kane dared not look at the pile of steely bones against the wall; somehow he suspected that they too would not lie still forever.

  • Minotaur room
  • Kane slips into blood
  • Odus starts shooting statue
  • Kane ties rope to statue and hands it to Isak
  • Isak leaps across but slips into blood
  • Garrick leaps across and keeps whittling at the statue
  • Kane confused; can’t seem to focus
  • Statue de-activates and evistro attacks Garrick
  • Kane beckons it
Author: Turnerbuds