Un Autre Session

Odus (Jonas):

Upon arriving at the entrance of the chamber of eyes, Odus thinks to himself:

Terrlen is good. He brought us to the chamber of eyes as he promised. Man, I forgot to ask Rendil if he knew where I could get some halfling leaf. I guess I’ll ask him when we get back. Odus‘ thoughts then turn to Rao.

I hope Delphina and Eilian are still alive. We’re about to plunge deeper into danger. I am ready. Odus‘ thoughts then go back to when he and his friends left Winterhaven, to where they are now and for some reason his thoughts turn to lyrics…

Odus then thinks: It must be a bard thing… Smiley’s gonna be mad when i do this song at the inn.

Session Notes

Author: Turnerbuds