Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Azaltin insists Faruq keeps Deck of Many Things.

Faruq (Joe):

The long hall seemed quiet now that the siblings had caught their breath. Coins clattering to the stone floor brought Faruq out of his stunned silence; ending his glossed-over gaze lost on the ornate box given him by the enigmatic wizard.

“Many thanks to you, but I… I cannot accept such a gift, this is too grand and powerful for one such as me. I am still learning the lessons of Fate and I fear I have much further yet to go; I could not presume to use this wisely.”

Faruq reverently holds the box and offers it back to Nerim, his eyes now on the being once thought of as little more than a hermit by his brothers and sister.

“But… ” Faruq dares a question “… we have come to learn from you… to hear your wisdom, for you are right… Tisan has woken…”

Author: Turnerbuds