Interrogating a Rakshasa

The interrogation of the rakshasa was difficult at first; legend has it that they can only be killed in a very specific fashion (by a blessed crossbow bolt, for example) and that perhaps explained why it wasn’t responding to Nidalru‘s death threats.

Remembering that rakshasa were legendary for their contempt of the Icons, and their hatred for the scheming of the Prince of Shadows in particular (natural rivalry), Merian decided to try a different tactic.

She tried the truth.

The rakshasa’s demeanour changed considerably when it learned it could possibly help un-do one of the Prince’s most daring thefts. It improved again when it learned that it had been defeated by The Undaunted, supposedly the only ones known to have ventured in and survived the Stone Thief.

It explained that it had obtained the Eye from a dupe named Perfoygle, who apparently didn’t know what he had. At first, the rakshasa was more interested in the clay pieces surrounding the gem, correctly theorizing that they had great alchemical properties. Eventually, it stumbled to the true nature of the gem.

This caused a quandry: While not lacking in self-esteem, “The Alchemist” knew that in the secret society of its kind, it was on the less-powerful end of the spectrum. If word got our amongst its people that it had one of the Eyes of the Stone Thief, it would paint a big target on it. Best to paint that target on someone else and get something valuable in return.

Fortunately (it said this with a smile at the group), it had recently become aware of another enemy of the Prince who had taken a decided turn for the worse, and was looking for something to restore its reputation as a major player after its recent setback…it contacted this individual, made a deal, and turned a very tidy profit. In exchange for its life, it will tell you who this is, and where to find him.

Legion (Joe):

Time is of the essence – Legion agrees to the terms and even suggests we offer some ‘icing’ to ensure we get accurate information – Legion dealt once with a cunning rakshasa a lifetime ago and the courier Legion entrusted with delivering the payment was never heard from again.

(incidentally – Legion dismisses his minion again temporarily during the interrogation and deal-making)

Nidalru (Fab):

As the rest of The Undaunted complete the interrogation on the rakshasa Nidalru leans in from behind, gently pressing the tips of her daggers to the back of the rakshasa and whispers into its ear “Looks like you’ve just made the deal of a lifetime….well at least for your life! ….and remember your life is only as good as your word is to us.”

Author: Eric