Mystery, Menace, Madness!

  • The heroes decide to set out to the tower before returning to either the grove or Winterhaven
  • As they navigate the feygrove, they bump into Analastra again who has was compassionate to the heroes after her rescue
  • Asking where Kane was, the heroes are purposely vague; still uncertain what to say
  • They continue to the mysterious tower and gain entry again by holding a card to create a doorway
  • Entering, they find themselves within the belly of a horrifying beast-like structure
  • Encounter with Black Pudding and offspring
  • Heroes go through another door, perplexed by flying eyeballs and realize they are clearly in a manifestation of the Far realm
  • Continuing through sanity-questioning challenges, the heroes are confronted by a Beholder!
Author: Turnerbuds