• Alive/Dead: Alive
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 5′ 11″
  • Weight: 168 lbs.
  • Age: 23
  • Hair: Black (shaved)
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Skin: Dark (African-American)
  • Alignment: Good
  • Religion: Rao


  • Patron: –
  • Title: Son of Ty
  • Liege: –
  • Affiliation: –
  • Hero Group: The Winter Guard
  • Campaign: –
  • Setting: –


  • Father: –
  • Mother: –
  • Spouse: –
  • Siblings: –
  • Children: –


  • 1e: Didn’t Exist
  • 2e: Didn’t Exist
  • 3e: Didn’t Exist
  • 3.5e: Didn’t Exist
  • 4e: Summer Rhymer – 17
  • 5e: –
  • 13a: –
  • 13a 2e: –
  • PF 2e: –

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Adventuring in the Underdark


Dark-skinned (he’s black) brown eyes, shaved black hair; usually well-coiffed in regards to facial hair and fingernails. His affect for the most part is flat or stoic, and usually appropriate for the situation at a distance. From close, you can sense his warm, relaxed, playfulness; usually seen in his lazy eyes. About 6′ tall and weighing 168 lbs; he’s very lean, and looks athletically able to handle himself, and must eat well; he looks like he takes good care of his health. His posture is one of a confident, welcoming, humble individual. His garments are clean and fitted with a red or green or blue or black cloak; wearing black and green for the most part but will compliment with reds and blues. With a quick glance, his clothes do not make him stand out (except when he’s wearing his red or blue cloak). But if you take a better look, his clothes are usually of good quality and with subtle fine details, such as embroideries, textures and materials; u realize he’s very well put together clothing-wise, from head to toe. His footwear is usually black or brown boots of the finest leathers and seems as if they have never seen dirt or dust! His attire tends to change quite frequently from day to day. He looks like someone who has wealth but you’re not quite sure. His worship of Rao is evident in his attire as well. His clothing often has white hearts crafted out of metal found stitched into them, or embroideries of the image of a heart-shaped mask with a calm smile.


Odus is a relaxed laid back calm individual. He’s a glass-half-full type of fellow. However, don’t let this demeanour fool you; he can get the job done. At times, he comes off as a quiet person but, he’s actually assessing those he’s interacting with and assessing his surroundings. He’s very loyal to his friends and loved ones. He’ll never leave u for dead. He’ll do all in his power to help a friend in need. In a nutshell… he’s a dog. That being said, Odus got bite. Odus can be candid and has a great sense of humour. Sometimes, a wicked sense of humour. He says, “it keeps people on their toes”. He’s a very passionate individual. Especially for Rao, music, women and clothes. His passion for his loves is evident in his self-expression through his music and clothes. Knight hospitalers are sworn to poverty but, Odus can’t help to express himself through his clothing. He does try to keep the flare to a minimum though. Of all his personality traits, it’s his patience, selflessness, and trust in Rao which he tends to turn to when things seem all but lost; They haven’t failed him yet.


Odus says “swerve” as a word for multiple purposes. It’s all about punctuation. Swerve? Swerve! Swerve… Odus also goes by the name TBA… If asked what TBA stands for, he’ll never give the same answer twice… Except for his favourite expressions, “Too Bad, Asshole!” or “The Black Angel”.


As a knight hospitaler, Odus works for the local temples and hospitals to protect and tend to the sick. He occasionally accompanies people from his temple when they travel abroad for religious pilgrimages to see to their security during their travels. He also will travel abroad to visit the sick on the outskirts of the city to tend to them and transport them back to the hospital if need be for further care. For fun and extra finances, Odus also organizes social functions for his city (weddings, funerals, balls, carnivals, and events at local taverns). As a bard, he is well-known throughout the city. He has a very large network; bigger than he knows…


Odus lives deep within the city by himself.


The Winterguard, the eladrin of Gardmore Abbey, Gendar (ooooh ya), Oronthor, Terrlen, the owners of the Halfmoon inn, and the heroes of Gardmore Abbey


– Solomon Van Buren – Fatale the witch


Short Term: – Investigate the exarch within the drow city Long Term: – As a Knight Hospitaler, his long-term goals are simple; stay alive, be healthy, be humble, be selfless, help those who can’t help themselves, and be good to all he encounters.

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Author: Jonas