We Are So Close

Upon leaving the duergar stronghold, the Winter Guard pass the site to where Amelia had mentioned she had found Terrlen and the remains of the four men they had freed from captivity. Odus stops, and motions to his friends to stop, and says, fellas, but a moment. They look around to see what Amelia was talking about. There wasn’t much left of their remains, and not enough time to gather them for a proper burial. They did not know if what did this still lingered, and would not want anymore innocent blood on their hands. They had to get the civilians to safety as soon as possible. Odus quickly says a small prayer for the dead. He then turns to Garrick, and his friend does the same. The Winter Guard then proceed on their journey back to the Seven-Pillared hall.

On the way back, Odus reflects on what occurred, and what could have been avoided. We are so close but yet so far in saving Delphina and Eilian. We must find them immediately. We do not have much time to waste. Our decision to do so has most likely angered the witch. I feel she is the one responsible for the deaths of the four free men, and the attack on Terrlen. How were we to know she would be able to track us. But, I still feel responsible for their deaths. We should have known better…

Author: Jonas