This Humbled Servant

They emerged from the depths of the keep after having closed the portal to the Shadowfell…

The first thing Garrick noticed was the sun, it shined so bright… much more so than any of the days preceding…

The air was sweeter, fresher and Garrick breathed it in…the land seemed alive… And so am I thought Garrick.

As they marched towards Winterhaven, they did not speak much… they walked slightly apart from each other and they all seemed lost in their own thoughts…

Thanks to my friends, Isak and Odus, and to Kane as well…who despite his dark nature seems to be good at heart. They were able to finish off the battle and close the shadowfell… they are the true heroes, not I. Their kinds words do mean a lot and are very much appreciated… it makes me feel like I belong.

My father would never have been so kind if I had failed him, Garrick thought sadly.

I have to do better, for them… for those we strive to defend! For the Eladrin Guardians who trained me… and for Holy Bahamut, who saw fit to return me to life.

I have worshipped Kord since I was very young… but it has never felt right. It was more my parents doing… they fit his his mantra very well… strength, battle prowess…

The mark I was born with was not his… with that thought, Garrick pulled at the collar of his shirt and peered at the tattoo outlined birthmark in the shape of a shield that adorned his right chest. It had taken on a metallic sheen since his ‘resurrection.

Perhaps I was born to Bahamut… god of justice, protection, honor… The eladrin told me I had a guardians heart, that I was born to protect those who could not protect themselves… it was the reason they accepted to train me as a swordmage.

Garrick laughed at himself… look at me thinking myself greater than I am.

But still… I have always felt a presence guiding me, I had always assumed it to be Kord. Yet worshipping him all these years… felt… empty…

Has that presence always been Bahamut? It seems to be so… I have never felt so comforted by a god since now. The prayers I uttered within his temple and those prior to the fight with Kalarel seemed right. Could it be that I have found a new path? Garrick already new the answer.

It seems I have two prayers to give:

“Holy Kord… I thank you for all the goodness you have brought me in my life. I thank you for taking care of my family and I hope you will continue to do so. I hope you will see it in your heart to forgive me but I can no longer be your servant. You have probably known this for quite some time. It is maybe you who have helped me come to this realization. Thank you Kord, Lord of Strength and Battle!”

It’s not an easy thing to do, he thought to himself but it is the right thing to do… I truly believe that.

Garrick prepared to himself for another prayer. Holding his hand over his chest, above the tattoo outlined birthmark, with new found resolve he began: “Holy Bahamut, Lord of justice, protection and honor, I hope you will accept this humbled servant into your heart. I thank you for deeming me worthy to return to the land of the living.

I have felt your presence guiding me in a way no other has. Your mark is part of me and I bear it proudly!

I am sorry to not have come to this realization sooner but…

From this day forth, I pledge my service to you. To hold honor and justice above all else, to oppose evil in all it’s forms so long as I draw breath and to protect those who cannot protect themselves!”

Garrick smiled. It was the first time he felt he had a purpose.

He looked up and the gates of Winterhaven were off in the distance… more adventures surely await, he thought to himself. He looked and his friends, and smiled again… and no better company to have than those that surround me now, perhaps I truly do belong.

I must do better… I WILL do better.

Author: Dave L