Waiting for you

When you got back to Eldolan, there was a message in your room; the envelope was slightly cheaply perfumed, which meant it was from Malice Sureshot. You figured it was a not-so-subtle reminder that you and your group were supposed to investigate the weird death of one of her agents (figured that was going to be simple: Sorry, Malice, but there’s this enigmatic assassin who learned from the Black herself that has a magic box that steals souls after he kills people, so my advice is…just hide, m’kay?), but the note just read that she had information Nidalru would be willing to pay top coin for.

Hmmm. Interesting. Well, Malice wanted to meet near a beauty shop, so you could re-fill some of the supplies lost doing makeovers on the barbarians, so, you figured why not?

Two hours later, you were walking back to join the others in the common room of The Clean Dahlia where you were staying; you were supposed to be discussing what needed to be done in Eldolan and Hildebrande before heading off to Gorogan’s Maw to look for whatever-the-hells-it-was that was needed for the weapon that whoever-the-hells was going to craft…but now, it was possible plans might change, based on what Malice told you (which was worth her asking price):

Someone else is looking for the Eyes of the Stone Thief

Author: Eric