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Mistress of the Estate

The Manor on the Hill


Rescuing Ursel

Protected: The Archmage’s Comet

Hive Mind

New Faces and Magic Pixie Mud

Madness Threatens

A Familiar Enemy

Protected: All the Rage

Protected: 2023-07-26 – The Heroes of Starport

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: 2023-06-24 – The Undaunted

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: 2023-05-31 – Heroes of Starport

Protected: 2023-05-24 – The Undaunted

Protected: The Sacrifice

Protected: 2023-05-10 – The Undaunted

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: OaGaDOM 9

Protected: 2023-03-29 – The Undaunted

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: 2023-03-08 – Heroes of Starport

Protected: Knock Knock. Why Are You There?

Protected: Picking up after october 5th 2022!

Protected: 2023-02-15 – The Undaunted

Protected: OaGaDOM 8

Protected: 2023-02-08 – The Undaunted

Protected: OaGaDOM 7

Protected: 2023-01-25 – The Undaunted

Protected: OaGaDOM 6

Protected: 2023-01-18 – The Undaunted

Protected: OaGaDOM 5

Protected: 2022-12-28 – The Undaunted

Protected: 2022-12-21 – The Undaunted

Protected: OaGaDOM 4

Protected: OaGaDOM 3

Protected: The forest here was thinning…

Protected: 2022-11-16 – The Undaunted

Protected: 2022-11-09 – The Undaunted – The Sewers

Protected: 2022-10-19 – The Undaunted

Protected: 2022-10-12 – The Undaunted

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: The Heroes of Starport

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: 2022-09-07 – The Heroes of Starport

Protected: Shockquake: The Beatsmith Market

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: The Sleeping Prisoners

Protected: Giantwalk, Part 2

Protected: Giantwalk, Part 1

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: The Heroes of Starport

Protected: Hot Pursuit

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: The Champions of The Empire

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: 2022-06-15 – Heroes of Starport

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: 2022-05-11 – Heroes of Starport

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: 2022-04-21 – Heroes of Starport

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: The Face of Fate?

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: Heroes of Starport

Protected: The Heroes of Starport

Protected: The Heroes of Starport

Protected: 2022-02-10 – The Heroes of Starport

Protected: 2022-02-03

Protected: In Pursuit of Toren and Russit

Protected: 2021-12-16

Protected: 2021-12-08

Protected: The Heroes of Starport

Protected: Nov.24 Session

Protected: Heroes of Ironfort!

Protected: The Descent

Protected: The Slopes of Balor

Protected: Altering the Deal…

Protected: Feasting & Fighting

Protected: … to Ironfort!

Protected: The Colour of One’s Character

Protected: Puki’s Truth Revealed!

Protected: The Mystery on Stoneroost

Protected: 2021-09-02 – The Undaunted

Protected: One Less Contender?

Protected: Casila’s Mansion

Protected: The Dwarven Vault

Protected: The Pit of Undigested Ages


Protected: Guardians of the Stair

Protected: The Clock and The Bridges

Protected: The Winding Stair

Protected: F2F – Last Orc Standing

Protected: Fangrot Strike Force!

Protected: Not So Swift and Deadly

Protected: Plotting with Greyface

Protected: Thinning the Herd

Protected: Rescuing the Survivors

Protected: No Rest for the Wicked

Protected: Too Greedily and Too Deep

Protected: Cornellion’s Betrayal

Protected: Hildebrande & The Queen’s Wood

Protected: Securing the Ingredients

Protected: The Dream Gauntlet

Protected: The Overworld

Protected: Finally… the Eye

Protected: The Cloud Giants

Protected: Investigative Ping Pong

Rasputin…. ALIVE?!

Protected: Eye for an Eye

Protected: Climbing the Tree

Protected: Meeting Nioba

Protected: The Grove

Protected: Session – 2021-01-18

Protected: Deep Keep

Protected: Totally Tubular, Man

Protected: The Evolved Flesh Tailor

Protected: Meeting the Provost

Protected: Return to the Maw

Protected: Following Nuzbok Through Portal to Gardmore!

Protected: Nuzbok Attacks

Protected: Deeper into the Maw

Protected: 2020-11-23

Protected: Ambush & Celebration

Protected: The Sacred Cave

Protected: The Koru Behemoth

Protected: In Pursuit of More Answers

Protected: Mausoleum Dragons & More

Protected: The Hunt for Casila Artalin

Protected: In Pursuit of Casila

Protected: The Brothers

Protected: The Secret of Hildebrande

Protected: Discovery Starts at the Top!

Protected: The Casila Plot

Protected: Chasing Shadows

Protected: Jumping Through Hoops

Protected: Internal Audit & The Baron

Protected: Agents of the Blue

Protected: 2020-09-24

Protected: 2020-09-21

Protected: 2020-09-14

Protected: 2020-09-10

Protected: 2020-09-07

Protected: 2020-09-03

Protected: 2020-08-31

Protected: Chasing Down the Stragglers


Protected: Victory!

Protected: 2020-08-19

Protected: The Sun Cult

Protected: Deeper Into the Moathouse

Protected: 2020-08-04

Protected: 2020-07-31

Protected: Heroes vs. Siege Towers!

Protected: The Siege of Briarfort

Protected: Reluctant Recluse

Protected: 2020-07-17

Protected: In the Court of the Elf Queen

Protected: 2020-07-09

Attack Aftermath

Protected: 2020-07-07

Protected: The Waterfall

Protected: 2020-06-27

Protected: 2020-06-24

Protected: 2020-06-19

Protected: Scarsdale Dungeons

Protected: 2020-06-12 – Wrath of the Orc Lord

Protected: 2020-06-11

Protected: 2020-06-05

Protected: Into Scarsdale

Protected: Frostburn

Protected: The Ruins of Ironvale

Protected: 2020-05-27

Protected: 2020-05-20

Protected: Into the Frozen North

Protected: The Gate of Stars (Saving Starport)

Protected: 2020-05-12

Protected: 2020-05-06

Protected: The Staff of Stars

Protected: Space Invaders!

Protected: The Doomsday Weapon (The Dungeon is ALIVE?!)

Protected: 2020-04-28

Protected: Deeper into the Dragon Wood (The Shattered Meteor)

Protected: 2020-04-21

Protected: 2020-04-15 – The Undaunted – Dual Campaign Session & WELCOME MAX!

Protected: Heroes of Starport – Dual Campaign Session

Protected: Rescue the Captives!

Protected: No Peace in Candlefen

Protected: They’re Not From Here… & WELCOME MAX!

Protected: Marrowbreath, Escort & Ambush!

Protected: The Siege of Harrowdale

Protected: An Errand for Moz

Protected: Crate & Beatstick

Protected: The Redfangs

Protected: 2020-03-18

Protected: Pursuing Garados

Protected: Investigating the Seekers of the Lost

Protected: Ending the Song

Protected: The Ritual

Protected: Chasin’ Drug Dealers

Protected: The Dream Theater

Protected: Elsa Whiterose’s Mission

Protected: The Dead Vaults

Protected: Investigating the Square

Protected: Shadows Over Eldolan

Protected: A Letter from Eldolan

Finishing Characters & Skirmishing

Planning Again!

Protected: Azaltin, Revealed!

Protected: Lich Hunters, Inc., Part II

Protected: Lich Hunters, Inc.

Protected: Doubt, Despair, & Death

Protected: Back to Ysawis

Protected: The Ambush

Protected: Divide & Try to Conquer

Protected: 20th Level Madness!

Protected: An Old Soul and An Old Friend

Protected: On to Krak al-Niraan

Protected: Bringing the Fight Home

Protected: Trouble in Huzuz

Protected: Midnight

Protected: Revelations in Huzuz

Protected: Another Avenger!

Protected: 2019-06-28-original

Protected: Next Up!

Protected: From Heaven and Hell

Protected: We Take it Back. We Want the Rogue!

Protected: A Marid Lesson

Protected: Our Reputation Precedes Us…

Protected: I’ll Trade You a Rogue for a Druid

Protected: 3 Up, 1 Down

Protected: Divided and Conquered!

Protected: Option Paralysis

Protected: 18th Level Madness!

Protected: A Debt Paid, A Life Saved

Protected: Knowledge Above All

Protected: Reading and Riding

Protected: Still Striking!

Protected: Scheming, Plotting, and 11th Level!

Protected: A Pre-Emptive Strike – Dual Session

Protected: Unnamed Al-Qadim Session 4 – Dual Session

Protected: The Final Piece

Protected: Flasks, Fault, & Fervor

Protected: The Funeral Feast

Protected: Private Eyes… again!?

Protected: The Grandfather is Dead

Protected: The Heart of the Volcano

Protected: Prisoners or Guests?

Protected: Back to Ysawas

Protected: The Wrath of a Mother

Protected: All Saint’s Day

Protected: A Dragon…

Protected: F2F – Stopping the Ritual

Protected: After Them!

Protected: The Leaning Towers

Protected: F2F – The Bottom of the Volcano

Protected: A Family Affair

Protected: Finding Family

Protected: Island Lions

Protected: Audience with Tannous (Trying to get a lift)

Protected: Unnamed Fringe Episode 5

Protected: Unnamed Fringe – Dual Session

Protected: Private Eyes – Dual Session

Protected: F2F – The Volcano, Part V

Protected: Busy in Huzuz

Protected: F2F – The Volcano, Part IV

Protected: Welcome Back to Huzuz

Protected: The Gnoll Lair

Protected: Back Through the Desert

Protected: The Wind Shifts

Protected: He Said, She Said

Protected: Into the Bone Pavillion

Protected: Princess Zoraya

Protected: The Greater of Two Evils

Protected: The Volcano, Part III

Protected: The Secret of the Jungle

Protected: The Yuan-Ti

Protected: On to Dihliz

Protected: The Volcano, Part II

Protected: Mission #4: The Volcano

Protected: Unnamed Fringe Episode 4

Protected: Aboard the Enemy Ship

Protected: Castle Anthrax

Protected: Investigations in Huzuz

Protected: Return to Wasat

Protected: The Haunted House

Protected: Risk for Riches

Protected: Into the Crypt

Protected: Winter Got You Down?

Protected: Attack of the Clones – Part 2

Protected: Attack of the Clones – Part 1

Protected: Emptying the Cavern

Protected: Unnamed Fringe Episode 3

Protected: To Save a Sheikh

The Abduction

Protected: The House of Hanif

Protected: The Oasis

Protected: The Ruby Lion

Protected: Surrendering

Protected: Jabal Sarahin

Protected: Climbing Assassin Mountain

Protected: A Warm Welcome

Protected: Back Into the Haunted Lands

Protected: The Everlasting

Protected: Word from Haroushin

Protected: A Queen Rises

Protected: The Razed Temple

Protected: On to the Temple

Protected: Into the Jungle

Protected: Exploring Kadarasto

Protected: Blood is Thicker…

Matron Urlvrain

Protected: The Roof… The Roof… The Roof is on Fire

Protected: The Alien Queen

Protected: Otherworldly Assailants

Protected: The Cave of Depravity

Protected: In Search of the Prisoners

Protected: Culling the Bugbears – Part II

Protected: Culling the Bugbears – Part I

Protected: No One Drinks Alone

Protected: Human Trafficking

Unnamed Fringe Episode 3

Unnamed Fringe Episode 2

The Abandoned Mine

Protected: Achmed al-Zuli the Magnificent

Protected: 2016-11-16 – The Rise of Tiamat group

Protected: The Tomb of Diderius

Protected: 2016-11-09 – The Rise of Tiamat group

Protected: A Fork in the Road (or In Search of Varram)

Protected: The 11 Baneful Gates

Protected: Deeper Into the Temple

Protected: The Temple of Azaltin

Protected: The Jann

Protected: Fhakhira

Protected: The White Death

The Draakhorn #2

Protected: The Draakhorn

Protected: Maccath the Crimson

Protected: Into the Iceberg

Protected: The Lair of Fhakhira

Protected: The Sea of Moving Ice

Protected: The Council of Waterdeep

Protected: Down the Rabbit Hole

Protected: The Pyramid of Kagamemni

Protected: The Plaza of Eternity

Protected: Into the Haunted Lands

2016-06-23 – Al-Qadim Session

Protected: On to Wasat

Protected: A Favour to Be Repaid

Protected: The Oasis #2

Protected: Ali al-Lazan – RIP

Protected: Akim

Protected: Adnan al-Raqi

Protected: Ashtarek – RIP

Protected: Diliram

Protected: Hussam – RIP

Protected: Yasmi al-Datma

Protected: Shaddad

Protected: Mahara

Protected: Setarah – RIP

Protected: One-Eyed Kasad

Protected: Mutamin – RIP

Protected: Ynadin

Protected: Batina al-Shaat

Protected: The Soft Whisper

Protected: Hasan

Protected: Mandrake Trollsbane

Protected: Keriyah bin Osta

Protected: Raja

Protected: Fatima

Protected: Tanya bint Perjan

Protected: Adil al-Muluki

Protected: Mustanir

Protected: Samia al-Giss – RIP

Protected: Babazadeh

Protected: Queen Sharamaz

Protected: Nalv

Protected: Gogol al-Misal

Protected: —Fill in the Blanks session—

Protected: Secrets of the Ruins

Protected: Deeper into the Krak

Protected: Krak al-Shidda

Protected: The Shrine of Suhail min Zann

Protected: On to Krak al-Shidda

Protected: The Djinn of Earth

Protected: The Tomb of Shaddad, Part II

Protected: The Tomb of Shaddad, Part I

Protected: To Krak al-Shidda!

Protected: A Stranger and a Riddle

Protected: Daret Kegpike

Protected: Mournbyrn Bristlearm

Protected: Astoraan, Sephare’s Attendant

Protected: Metron Gruber

Protected: Duchess Halla

Protected: Uebol the Unnerving

Protected: Celbrin Starshone of the Court of Stars

Protected: Sephare

Protected: Muli Comes Clean

Protected: The Enemy of My Enemy…

Protected: The Brotherhood of the True Flame

Protected: Yodfah and the Waterfall

Protected: The Hama

Protected: Grave Robbers!

Protected: The Quest Begins

Protected: 2016-01-25-original

Protected: The Gratitude of Giants

Protected: The White Dragon

Protected: Rath Modar & Rezmir Fall

Protected: The Flying Citadel

Protected: Strahd’s End?

Protected: The Crypt

Protected: Freeing the Prisoners

Protected: 2015-11-22

Protected: Vanquishing Darkness with Light

Protected: The Heart of Ravenloft

Protected: GINOSAUR!

Protected: The Darkness Lifts

Protected: Stop. Reset. Go.

Protected: Strahd’s Offer

Protected: The Chapel

Protected: Into the Castle

Protected: Owlbear Attack! – Dual Campaign Session – Part 2

Protected: unnamed – Dual Campaign Session – Part 1

Protected: 2015-09-16 – Lando

Protected: To Sausage or Not to Sausage

Protected: The Drawbridge

Protected: The Vistani Fortunes #2

Protected: Strahd and His Brides

Protected: The Burgomaster’s Mansion

Protected: The Portal

Protected: Chaos Erupts!

Protected: Spattergoo… Where Are You?

Protected: Scales & Mud

Protected: Road House

Protected: AQ session

Protected: Under Siege

Protected: The Blood Moon

Protected: Welcome to Barovia

Protected: In Search of a Remedy

Protected: The Order of the Crusaders of Greatness

Protected: The End?

The Pathwalker

Protected: Hammertime!

Protected: Queen of the Harpies

Protected: To Baldur’s Gate

Protected: Evening the Odds

Protected: Nezznar Falls

Protected: The Flying Citadel

Protected: Light Amidst the Darkness

Protected: Pints, Plays, & Pies!

Protected: Cleaning House

Protected: The Black Spider

Protected: Talis the White

Protected: Deeper into the Cave

Protected: Wave Echo Cave

The Return to Greenest

Protected: Next Step: Echo Cave

Protected: Borngray Falls

Protected: The Hatchery

Protected: Spattergoo!

Protected: Beneath Castle Naerytar

Protected: In Search of Dragon Eggs

Protected: The Dragon Hatchery

Protected: Infiltrating the Castle

Protected: The Lizard Whisperer

Protected: Run For Your Lives!

Protected: Camp of the Dragon Cult

Protected: From Waterdeep to Deep Water

Protected: Hot Pursuit

Protected: Cragmaw Castle

Protected: In a Mirror, Darkly

The Yellow Tent

Protected: The Caravan Continues

The Cleansing

Protected: A Reluctant Goodbye

Protected: Thundertree

Protected: Following Session

From the Shadows

In Defense of the Innocent

Dragon Eggs

Rumble in the Temple

Glass Staff: Shattered!

The Cave, Part II

The Redbrand Ruffians

The Cave, Part I

I Need a Hero!

So… What Are *you* in for?


The Raider Camp

Another Campaign Begins!

Protected: 2014-09-24

Protected: Roll20 gets Rolling

Protected: King of the Slaves

Protected: Urlvrain Makes a Request

Protected: In Search of Orontor

Across the Chasm

Silencing the Competition

Protected: To the Catacombs!

Answers Under Fire

Protected: Talisman to Enter Radigast Catacombs

Protected: Radigast City

The Defender of Phaervorul

Protected: Az’blaaaaan

Protected: Rogues & Dragons

Protected: Stone & Slime

Protected: Compensating the Dark Elves

Spies Among Us

Orcs Under the Influence

The Gardmore Council Meeting

No One Makes Me Bleed My Own Blood

missed session?

The Fog Starts to Clear…

Axe Yo’ Self

What Are They Up To?

The Githyanki Threat

Killing Krom

Krom – RIP

The Orc Threat

An Intercepted Letter

Closing the Portal

Letter: Hallomak to The Winter Guard

Protected: Inherit THIS!

Worst. Timing. Ever.

The Finale at Gardmore

Defending the Tower

The Assault Begins

The Cleansing

Table Top FTW

Making Plans

Protected: Dragonado!

Got Any Eights? Go Fish!

Resident Evil

Demonic Savage Minotaur: Epic Boy Scout!

An Alliance Takes Shape

Frozen in Time

The Tower of the Wizard

Behold THIS!

Mystery, Menace, Madness!

Maldrick Returns!

The Source of the Corruption

More Than Just Ghouls

Secrets the Dead Keep

The Catacombs

The Dragon’s Roost

A Just Claim

Exploring the Feygrove

Reporting In

The Gardmore Forest


Gardmore Abbey